Kung Fu San Soo, Eger

Few days ago you could read here about a special branch of Kung Fu. The author, Judit Scheigl, has translated her text into English, so now those who don’t speak Hungarian can also get a really nice and detailed insight into this sport/art. Please remember, that you are more than welcome to join her club. And hats off to Judit for doing such a tough sport.

Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung, also known as Kung Fu San Soo is an ancient Chinese martial art totally dedicated to self-defense. San Soo is a synthesis of five other Chinese martial art systems. Developed to be a complete martial art system, it utilizes a number of traditional and modern weapons, as well as, wide range of fighting techniques.

If applied correctly, Kung Fu San Soo techniques allow a person regardless of size, age or gender to cause serious injury upon a larger and more aggressive attacker. In this martial art system we can practice many combinations of punching, kicking, throws and leverages.

Two thousand years ago monks started develop and write these techniques down. When Jimmy H. Woo’s great-great-great grandfather, who was brought up a monastery, took away two books which had been written in the 15th century. These two books have been in his family for five generations. In 1930, Jimmy leftChina, and immigrated toLos Angeles, where he started teaching close friends and relatives. In 1959 he opened his first studio inEl Monte,California, where he had been teaching the martial art for 32 years.

Kung Fu San Soo was taken toHungaryby Nicholas Karsai, who started teaching it in Gárdonyi Géza Ciszterci Gimnázium in September, 2009. At the beginning, only a few students of the high school attended the trainings, but the number of participants doubled soon.

Trainings usually start with the practice of the 8 basic movements, and then we have 10 minutes of free-fighting to use what we have learnt last time. Trainings are spent in a good, family atmosphere, that helps new participants to quickly find themselves in a fraternity. It is important to mention that Kung Fu San soo is not a sport, it is rather a martial art. When carried out in the right way it can’t be used for competitive purposes without inflecting serious injuries.

I have been attending trainings for 2 years now, and I only gain good experiences, however, I couldn’t get away without smaller injuries. If you are in the mood, come to see a training at gym of Gárdonyi Géza Ciszterci Gimnázium any Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Written by Judit Scheigl

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