Avatar – film review


Avatar is a sci-fi film by James Cameron, set in the future. About the plot: people explore a moon called Pandora. They are cutting out trees for minerals. The star of the film is a soldier who can’t use his legs. A group of scientists want to know how the Na’vis (the local inhabitants – thought to be savages) live. Every scientist has a Na’vi avatar. They visit the real Na’vis and study their habits.

The soldier, Jake Sully falls in love with a Na’vi girl, Neytiri, who is the daughter of the chieftain. The villain of the film is a soldier who wants to kill the Na’vis and cut out the beautiful and magical trees. All the Na’vis form a league against the villain and they win the battle. After that Jake Sulley doesn’t want to be a human anymore and they turn him into a Na’vi and it is the end of the film.

This film is very adventurous and the effects are amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet you should watch it in the future!

Anna Becskei
Anna Almási
Lilli Kadenczki


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