MMA – “Never Tap Out”

Milán Alter (class 11.C)‘s review of one of the toughest combat sports.

Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact combat sport that allows using striking and grappling techniques, including: boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate, judo and other styles.

MMA’s forefather was Vale Tudo, which is not as ’safe’ as MMA. Vale Tudo was the old time’s MMA – in this sport there are no protectors and gloves, and sometimes the fighters wear boots, therefore Vale Tudo is more dangerous than MMA.


MMA was brought to the USA from Brazil in 1993 by the Gracie family. The Ultimate Fighting Championship – called UFC – is the largest MMA promotion company. MMA gets more and more popular in the whole world, like in Hungary as well. Luckily, I used to do MMA and I have personal experience. I had two matches: I was the second and once I was the first in a county championship. That was even the best moment in my sportlife.

Back to the story, in MMA there are a lot of tricks and techniques to defeat your rival. For instance:

–         Guillotine choke, which can break your neck

Guillotine choke

–         Armbar, which can break your arm


–         Kimura, pinning you to the floor and may break your shoulder… if you don’t tap in time

Kimura lock

There are some hits and different kicks:

–         Flying knee, which usually stands as a symbol for this sport: a leaping kick, which lands a knee into you face

Flying knee

–         Elbow to head – it’s a talkative name.

–         Axe kick: a heel arrives above your head to the top of your head

Axe kick

–         Superman punch: it’s a spectacular leaping jab that aims you throat

Just a few sentences about knock outs – K.O. – and tap outs. I had four Kos, but only during trainings, never in a match. KO is a ‘funny’ thing, when somebody ‘switches off the lights’ and also strange when you give a KO to your teammate. In a match KO means the end of the match – one critical hit, and the math is over. Tap out is the movement what you should do when your rival hurt your joints ‘for a long time’ – that means seconds here!

MMA fighters always fight in a cage, not in a ring. Sometimes amateur fighters fight in a ring.

In brief, this is MMA.

Alter Milán (11.c)


…Keep working out!


Milán Alter (11.C)

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