„Luki-luki gud prájsz veri nájsz!”

Our school has a great routine: every year, school leavers get the chance to go on a one-week trip to Italy. Last year wasn’t any different, and about 130 travellers, including students and teachers headed for the beautiful small town, Ca’Savio to spend an unforgettable week there. Here you can read Szabó Eszter’s (12.B) report about this amazing experience.

We arrived full of excitement at the Italian Ca’Savio Campsite and the beautiful seaside. There were a lot of mosquitoes, but the salty water, the shore full of oysters and the sunshine made it worthwhile. Besides digging each other into the sand the most memorable moment was when we had the chance to stroke shark. Naturally, we could learn about the treasures of the Italian gastronomy and we ate original Italian pizza and gelato.

In the nearby market we had a glimpse of the famous temperament and hospitality of the Italians, the sellers were offering their goods for sale with a big smile : „Luki-luki! Gud prájsz,veri nájsz!” While bargaining, everybody could use their language knowledge, but we have a good piece of advice for you: ’Never learn English from the Italians!’ After spending the whole day swimming, sunbathing and playing ball games we started to explore the beautiful cities of Italy. We went to Venice by ship. The city of lagoons impressed everybody. However, we were astonished by that the Italians had so many rules: for example on St. Mark Square tourist weren’t allowed to eat and drink and all the shops and restaurants closed during the siesta.

We explored the city with the help of a map e.g.: Rialto, Doge’s Palace, St. Mark Cathedral and the smelly fishmarket. We visited Murano, famous for its glass making and Burano, famous for its lace. We were watching with our mouths wide open the master making a beautiful swan out of the glowing glass.

Our very adorable teachers allowed us to enjoy the sunshine on the shore instead of a trip to Verona.

Our next destination was Juliet’s city, Verona. We could take photos with gladiators in the arena , we also visited Juliet’s statue’s breast and the lovers could write their names on the wall of the house, so that they could stay together forever. At the end of the day we visited Padova. The St. Anthony Basilica is a real place of pilgrimage, where we could wish something at the grave of the Saint. Our wish was to stay for one more week but the Saint didn’t make our wish come true.

Szabó Eszter, 12.B
Photos taken by: Tamás Gólya

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